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Your Adobe Lightroom© catalogue and workflow is a mess! Organising, editing and sharing or publishing your images is slow, confusing and your results are inconsistent. You can't settle on an easy start-to-finish workflow and you have unresolved questions about what, where and how to backup your precious photography collection.
Let me help you!
about the Workshop

Over a two day workshop, let me help you setup and use your Lightroom catalogue in the most efficient way to meet your needs. This is not a theoretical session nor a demonstration of Lightroom's features, but instead, an actual setup and customisation using your own catalogue and images.

To ensure personalised attention, participation is limited to a maximum of 5 people
outline and Itinerary
Three sessions over two days totalling twelve hours, including a photo-walk and a live editing session.
Day One - Morning | Catalogue Setup and Library Management
Setup your software options and your catalogue for an efficient, fast and backed-up workflow that matches your computer hardware, smartphone, tablet and complimentary devices. Customise Import options, Import Presets, Metadata Presets and then dive into the Library module to master setting up folders, collections and discover the magic of smart collections before rounding up with how to use keywords and keyword sets.
Key outcomes include setting a workflow and creating presets that addresses your specific Import and Library management requirements.
Day One - Afternoon | Editing and Plugins
Master the editing tools, explore options and learn a number of creative editing looks and effects, then create, add and use presets and plugins for quick, high-quality results on a consistent basis.
Key outcomes include a full understanding of the editing tools and options in the Develop module, creating your own Develop presets and how to use these to create the results that you want.
Day 2 - Early Morning | Photowalk
A short photo-walk around the Rosebank area to capture street images that can be used for the live editing session thereafter.
Day Two - Mid-Morning | Exporting, Sharing, Publishing and Going Mobile
Let's get your images out into the world! Setup, create presets, export and share your edited images - with your custom logo or brand - to social media platforms, create prints/print templates and presets, explore the ease and joy of making photobooks and create publishing services to meet your needs, then explore the power of  Lightroom Mobile, the suite of Spark products, set up your Photo Gallery and optionally, your Adobe Portfolio for your image collections.
Using your photo-walk images, process your images in a live start-to-finish session of your customised workflow.
Key outcomes include managing and controlling how and where you share and publish your images, creating and using identity plates, watermarks and presets to make this quick and easy and complimenting your workflow with the other Adobe products and applications built into your subscription package.
Workshop participants are presumed to have some working knowledge of, and to be current users of Adobe Lightroom CC Classic©. 
Unfortunately, it is no longer reasonable to accommodate users of the stand-alone version of Lightroom 6. The differences in features and functionality, and the inability to benefit from the topics related to using Adobe's cloud backup and synchronisation with Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom for Web, Adobe Portfolio and the suite of Adobe Spark products diminish the value of the course.
Laptop [Windows or Mac], power cable, the hard drives with your images [at least one of which must be a USB external hard drive] and camera gear for the photo-walk.
Users of Wacom tablets may bring theirs too.
A licensed and installed version of Adobe Lightroom Classic© and optionally, Lr Mobile and the suite of Adobe Spark apps installed on your smartphone or tablet.
pre-workshop Preparation
If you are new to Lightroom, familiarise yourself with the interface, the various modules and the editing tools in the Develop module.
Import some or all of your images into your catalogue and create previews and smart previews for them.
make a Booking
Indicate your interest as seats are limited.
how much
R6,500 payable in advance and limited to 5 people. If you are not happy after the workshop, request a no-quibbes refund.
Usually held at FotoZA gallery in Rosebank.
Click here to eMail to indicate your interest, and to receive advice of upcoming course dates.
got a question?
about Me
I love people, photography, the outdoors and I am self-confessed Lightroom addict.
Lightroom has been my tool of choice for over eight years now as the rockbed for a library of over 126,000 catalogued images. All management, editing, sharing and publishing, including the use of a number of plugins, is done from within Lightroom and this workshop will show you how you can do the same.

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